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I heard about Monaco from two friends that go there. I decided to try it and met with Naomi. She is absolutely fantastic and so knowledgeable! It was so easy to talk to her and tell her my needs and my fears and she understood and guided me through the process.

There was no pressure to do anything I didn’t want doing and the atmosphere is so relaxed.
Naomi’s knowledge, professionalism and skill are top notch.

I would highly recommend Monaco and I know I will never go anywhere else.


Janet from Burlington

Janet - Burlington

I own a Spa from my home and was looking to offer new services. As I was researching I came across Monaco Spa’s web-site. I took great interest in taking the eyelash extension course the micro needling course and the micro blading course. As I was taking the courses I got to know Jen and Owen and now consider them as friends. I also had a few treatments from Jen. Laser hair removal a chemical peel and Kybella injections for my double chin. Love the results so far! I had a hyperpigmentation mark for the longest time in my cheek and last year I had IPL done,the IPL lightened the spot. However Jen was able to totally remove the spot with a chemical peel, I am very happy! As for the kybella, it has only been two weeks and Jen explained to me that I will not see results for fours weeks. So I’m looking forward to my next treatment with the kybella! Thank you Jen!

Julie Shisler - Niagara falls

My experience with Naomi has been nothing short of amazing.
She is not only a skilled professional, but her flawless approach is of a caring individual who really understands a woman’s needs.
In the past I’ve had a bad experience and it really left a bad taste in my mouth. However, after meeting Naomi I made a commitment that I will never ever leave her side, she is definitely there for a lifetime and I would not have it any other way. Even though the commute is quite a distance from where I am, I would follow her to the ends of the world because that’s how much I believe in her and what she offers. Her sweet-tempered attitude and gentle touch have left me with a memorable experience, one that impressed me so much so, that I will go back for again and again.

Thank You Naomi and see you soon!

Kinga Zborowska - Mississauga

I was referred to Naomi by a friend and at first I was a bit hesitant to continue doing Botox because I had a bad experience. However, after meeting Naomi she made me feel very calm and at ease. Not to mention, she applies just the right amount in the right places without over doing it and the results are always amazing. I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else and the commute is so worth the trip. She is the only person I would allow to do any kind of work on my face and that is why I would NOT go to anyone else. I would recommend Naomi to all my friends as I know I will always get an honest answer and the best advice.

Marcia Raposo - Mississauga

I had heard great revues about Monaco Rejuvenation, as well as seen the results of the high standard of work, from those who went there. My anxiety, however, was real about having my face injected with filler. I chose Monaco spa due to the fact that Jen is an RN and acutely aware of what could go wrong if someone is not trained as to where they are injecting. Meeting Jen put me immediately at ease, her attention to detail, amazing way of instilling confidence and commitment to transparency with her clients is something I never experienced before. Jen brings out everyone’s inner beauty while executing, with precision, her art.

Maria Sousa - Hamilton

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