Teeth Whitening

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Come of our Smile Factory at Monaco!

A simple, fast & painless procedure helping you get the white smile you’ve always wanted. A 20-minute treatment (single session) typically yields an improvement of 5-7 shades. A double treatment 8-10 shades of improvement! The more treatments a person does, the whiter their teeth get. Monaco Rejuvenation MediSpa recommends that you get a double treatment because the results are more dramatic. For more information, please see our contact us page and call or email us at your convenience.

A 20-minute light activated treatment that utilizes an LED light as a catalyst to activate the hydrogen peroxide gel and accelerate the whitening process. Once activated, the gel gently oxidizes the discoloured proteins within the teeth, leaving you with a beautiful, refreshing white smile. This treatment typically yields an improvement of 2-8 shades and can be complimented with our aftercare kits to maximize your results. NOTE* For those of you with stubborn stains acquired with age, personal habits, and/or genetics a 2nd treatment or a custom tray kit may be required to achieve optimal results.

Click HERE to see our pricing list for special packages! Combine with other treatments to get a discount on your smile factory experience at Monaco!

 smile lab

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