About Rosy, Lash Artist & Facial Aesthetics Expert

rsz_rosyRose has had many pursuits of interests and educational endeavours as a university student. She attended Ryerson University for Early Childhood Studies for a few years, studied Stress Nutrition and Wellness at Mohawk College and pursued a diploma in Business Administration at McMaster University CCE. Throughout her student life, she had always held her passion for beauty and aesthetics by attending beauty workshops, working at her family’s nail salon and working as a salon receptionist on Locke street. She was first introduced to the art of eyelash extensions while attending a beauty trade show in Toronto. That piqued her interest in taking a first level eyelash extensions course in Toronto and began working as an Eyelash Extension Artist. Rose’s passion for the trade enables her to continue to stay on top of the latest trends by attending trade shows and workshops in the GTA dedicated to the beauty industry. Upon discovering the training courses offered at Monaco Rejuvenation Spa, Rose wanted to enhance her skills by concentrating on volume lashes training at the Lash Artistry course offered at Monaco. She continued to maintained a great relationship with the team at Monaco and was offered to join the team in 2017.

Rose is experienced in the extensive artistry of classic and volume lashes, as well as lash lifts and tints. Her perfectionism for the art of eyelash extensions enables her to create very natural high definition eyelash extensions that enhance the eyes. Rose loves making her clients feel confident by enhancing their natural beauty and has worked with a diversity of clients giving her the experience to assess and recommend them best looks. She applies eyelash extensions with precision and care to ensures that each look is customized according the facial structure and shape of her client’s eyes to give them either a natural, youthful, sultry or dramatic image.

When not practicing aesthetic services, Rose enjoys hiking, yoga, painting, baking, reading and spending time with her family and friends.