Proderm Medical Skin Care™

Pro-Derm is complete line of cosmeceutical products offering high levels of clinically proven effective ingredients, combining the benefits of both cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

Pro-derm Medical Skin Care™ available MonacoSpaDaily use of Pro-Derm™ products adapted to your skin’s condition can prevent certain negative effects of skin aging. The use of Pro-Derm™ products is also ideal when used in conjunction with anti-aging medical treatments such as facial peels, laser treatments, injections for lines and wrinkles, and aesthetic surgery.

Active Ingredients and Synergy

Rich in high quality active ingredients, the Pro-Derm™ line combines innovative agents, natural botanical extracts and pure essential oils. Their additive effects and complementarity, combined with the presence of transdermals, improve the formula’s efficiency and uptake.

Pro-Derm™ products and product categories have been designed to be used jointly, maximizing the results.

A Unique Base

The unique and natural vegetal base of Pro-Derm™ products preserves the integrity of the skin’s natural protective layer and hydrates the various skin types appropriately.

Quality/Ethics of Formulations

The Pro-Derm™ line of products is free from perfumes, mineral oils, alcohols, and petroleum products, and is not tested on animals. It contains as little preservatives as possible, replacing them with botanical ingredients that have natural bactericidal properties. Many of our products are therefore, sold in airless containers to ensure their stability is preserved throughout their use.

Constant Optimization

Pro-Derm™ products are produced in small quantities so the formulations can constantly be optimized.


Proderm™ products are available exclusively in specialized medical clinics.