Max 2 Eyelash Extension Mascara

Max 2 Eyelash Extension Mascara avaliable at MonacoSpa Why Belvada Max 2 Eyelash Extension Mascara?

  • No Pumping, No Clumping
  • Easy Wand Application
  • Infused With Keratin
  • Excellent for Eyelash Extensions –
    Will Not Damage the Glue
  • Buildable and Will Not Clump

 Why is it packaged that way?

The reason for that is so no air gets into the tube, which will dry up the mascara. The funnel system wipes the extra amount on the brush off to leave enough mascara to be applied to the lashes.

Why do we have to replace our mascaras every few months?

There are few potential dangers regarding the use of cosmetics. One such danger is the use of old mascara. Some mascaras contain an ingredient that breaks down to produce formaldehyde. The formaldehyde prevents the growth of bacteria. Aged mascara, however, may no longer be producing formaldehyde, allowing bacteria to proliferate. For this reason, it is often recommended to replace a tube of mascara every few months. (Source: Wikipedia).

Why is there no payoff of the mascara?

Max 2 Eyelash Extension Mascara is a more liquid based mascara, it gives a light coat and works on lengthening the lashes and separating them because of the brush size and form. It can be reapplied without giving the effect of clumpiness. You can reapply during the day without have dry flakes and build it to the desired look. It is widely recommended for eyelash extensions because of the keratin fibres will condition the lashes and as well not damage the glue. It’s also great for eyelash extension users because the Max 2 Mascara contains no sulfates.

Is the mascara waterproof?

No. Max 2 mascara is not waterproof. While it won’t smudge, any contact with water will cause it to run because of the consistency of the mascara.

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