Dermaroller and Beauty Mouse Home Care

The Original Home Care Dermaroller and Beauty Mouse

Radiant, smooth face, legs and thighs, just 15 minutes a day, twice a week!

Skin is a barrier. Without the aid of a the Home Care Dermaroller, only a minor fraction (maximum of 0.3%) of the active ingredients of your favourite cream can penetrate the surface of your skin. The majority of it-99.7% – is wasted. By rolling the cylinder on the skin’s surface you create microchannels that effortlessly drive active vitamins, lipids and ingredients deeper into your skin. Penetration improved by as much as 200 times.

Dermaroller Before and After

 Regular use of the Home Care Dermaroller increases the transparency of the epidermis creating more youthful, softer and radiant-looking skin.

Dermaroller and Beauty Mouse Home Care Products at MonacoSpa

How it works

The Home Care Dermaroller enhances the removal of dead skin scales (exfoliation) and stimulates new skin cell production. THis is what is commonly referred to as kin rejuvenation. The Home Care Dermaroller’s quality microneedles provide another desired skin benefit: It thickens your uppermost skin layer by an average of 30%. You will notice visibly softer, more radiant skin with a finer texture.
Safe, Effective and Painless Design

The Home-Care-Dermaroller manufactured in Germany has 192 micro-fine needls that are 0.15 mm in length. Since nerves are located well below this level, using the Home Care Dermaroller doesn’t hurt, it just tickles!

Shrinks Pore Size and Improves Skin Health

Isolated disorders and inflammation such as acne are often caused when old, sticky scales of the straum corneum (thin outermost layer of the epidermis) block the sebaceous (oil) and perspiratory (sweat) gland ducts. As the Home Care Dermaroller rolls across your skin, the roller’s fine needle tips mechanically remove these “blockers”. This keeps the sevaceous (oil) and sweat glands’ ducts open. As a result, pore size shrinks and skin health improves.

No More Hormone Cycle Acne Outbreaks

Many women experience acne outbreaks in conjunction with their monthly cycle. That’s because the monthly hormone change triggers an increase of keratin layers in the sebaceous gland ducts. In turn, this block the free sebum (oil) flow, which can result in acne. By using the Home Care Dermaroller regularly (about 3 times a week), transitional acne will disappear.

Revitalize Dull Looking Skin

As skin ages, it takes longer to renew skin cells int eh epidermis.As the renewal cycle takes longer, the uppermost scales start to dry out, loosen and reduce transparency. As a result, your skin dulls and appears grayish. The Home Care Dermaroller efficiently removes these gray scales leaving a visibly softer, more radiant skin with a finer texture.

Exfoliate skin without the need for exfoliating creams

Exfoliating Creams are designed to scrub off the upper cells of your epidermis, but the Home Care Dermaroller enhances your overall skin tone and health by providing true exfoliation and so much more:

  • Helps to thicken the epidermis (top layer of the skin)
  • Increases micro-circulation below the skin
  • Reduces enlarged pore size
  • Reduces excess oil levels in the skin
  • Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Enhances delivery and effectiveness of topical skin care by 200 times


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