DermaGlow™ Skin Science Course


The DermaGlow™ Skin Science Course is taught by Amanda Phan, owner of our Stoney Creek Clinic and is a two day comprehensive course to educate ambitious men and women to learn more about the science behind skin or get into the health and beauty industry! This course provides an overview of the largest organ in and on our bodies…our skin! The course discusses the cutting edge and latest technologies on the market to improve, tighten, and tone our skin while reducing and removing unwanted blemishes. Best of all, the course is unbiased. We do not endorse or work for any skincare or beauty companies. We work solely to educate you and give you the truth on skin physiology!

The course is taught one-on-one in an informal and fun atmosphere at Monaco Spa. Lunch with be provided in the three day course. A starter kit (valued at $300) and manual will be provided. A certificate will be issued upon successful completion. Approximately 8 hours of hands on training with LIVE models and dummy models will be provided to keep you stimulated. Our course cost is $1200 plus HST. We work at your speed to succeed! Call today to book a complimentary consultation and to meet your trainer to discuss your learning needs and goals at 905 923 4011. Please see below for the course outline:

ConsultDermaGlow™ Skin Science Course outline is as follows:

Day 1

  • Skin Anatomy
  • Skin Physiology
  • Skin Contraindications
  • Acne Theory
  • Hyperpigmentation Theory
  • Anti-Aging Theory
  • Skin Care Ingredients
  • Demo and Active Practice of Facials
  • Demo and Active Practice of Microdermabrasion

Day 2

  • Assessment of the Skin
  • Performing Live Consultations
  • Documentation and Appropriate Consent with the Client
  • Demo and Active Practice of Chemical Peels
  • Student gets to try Microdermabrasion or Chemical Peel facial treatment