About Our Yoga Instructors

Erin attended her first yoga class in 2008 while attending Carleton University in Ottawa. Soon her practice took off and she was doing yoga regularly. She found that through yoga her daily pressures with school and daily life stresses started to melt away. After graduating university she moved back to her hometown Hamilton and has carried on a love for it.
Since then she has recently completed her 200 hr teaching certification in Hatha/ Vinyasa yoga and is also a Level 2 Reiki practitioner. Erin is always eager to learn and share her knowledge to others as she believes that yoga should be accessible to everyone. She also believes in teaching people how the breath plays an important role in everyday life and loves how it complements yoga in the asanas (poses) and how it can be used to deepen one’s practice.
Erin is looking forward to completing her next certifications in Chair Yoga so that yoga can truly be accessible to everyone. Other future certification courses will be Reiki Master Level and Axiatonal Alignment.
Erin cannot wait to teach what she has learned and cultivated through her practice. Classes are held in an unique and beautiful private outdoor space that’s intimate with only 6-8 others. Come and explore nature and get to know your body better through the wonderful world of yoga.
“Yoga excites me because it can never be mastered in my opinion. There is always something to learn from yoga and practicing it. Just when you think you have it something else new comes to the surface to explore. I cannot wait to share my passion with everyone and see each of you explore this practice.” –Erin Macdonnell